In November 2019 a group from Open Door Church Sunbury flew out for the second mission trip to Cavite in the Philippines to help Pastor Rolando at Cavite Open Door Commission Church.


Here are a series of messages sent by Andy Phillips as the mission progressed.

3rd NOVEMBER 2019

3rd November 2019

To Open Door Church

I am sorry I have not had data. Now got a SIM that works.

We have arrived ok with no complications thank you for praying.

We spent the last day sleeping, eating and making friends.

Today we are enjoying our first meeting on a Sunday morning. I am preaching on forgiveness.

We then run Kidz Klub for 300 kids in Via Verde in 35 degree heat and oh so humid. Please pray! Pray for gospel impact.

We are loving our time away

Much love

4th NOVEMBER 2019

4th November 2019

To Open Door Church

So on Sunday we had our first Kidz Klub in Via Verde which is the buringay (estate) Roly and Levy live in. It was a hot and humid day but the event went well and we proclaimed Jesus to nearly 300 kids.

Today (Monday) we first went to Dasmarinas jail. We did a meeting for male and female prisoners. This went extremely well with many powerful testimonies. The team served really well praying, acting dramas and preaching.

In the evening we attended a bible study in Salitran another area of Dasmarinas.

Please pray for us tomorrow at 3pm (7am for you) we run the second Kidz Klub. We have several key Filipinos missing so please pray we are equally as effective as yesterday and for God to meet with the children.

Please also pray because Grace Cayetano has two neices one in a and e with a massive fever (Dengue fever maybe?) and the other needing urgent surgery on her broken arm and possible serious finger issue, Please pray for them and for Grace and her family.

The team is coping marvellously, working hard, making friends and enjoying their time.

We value your prayers.

Much love.

6th NOVEMBER 2019

6th November 2019

To Open Door Church

So we have now completed two Kidz Klubs. Our second one on Tuesday was in 32 degree heat which the weather app says feels like 35 degrees. It was a great time with 350 kids (yes the maximum was 300!)

We have been amazed by the hard work and sacrifical care of the Filipino team who serve us so well.

Today we went into Burol Elementary for two sessions with us leading classes with songs, bible stories and life with Jesus being discussed . I will upload photos to Facebook when I get wifi.

However we are under attack:

- Grace Catetano has one neice with a broken arm after a motorbike accident and another with a fever in a hospital in Manila
- Ate Prima has a high fever
- Jane De Guzman cut her head open last night (Roly's severly disabled daughter) although she is ok no-one slept that night
- Alfredo Almazan has cancer and Marleen is exhausted caring for him

Many of these are key members of the CODCC leadership and thus organising the logistics of the mission. Please pray.

Much love.

10th NOVEMBER 2019

10th November 2019

To Open Door Church

We are now about to meet on the Sunday worship togather at a resort in Laguna. This is because we shall baptise ten people this morning.

Our last Kidz Klub yesterday at Trece Matrices was very very hot and we had over 400 kids. It was a superb time. Please pray for a site to be planted in this town where Grace Cayetano and her family live.

We had been into a school in Trece the day before as well to run eleven classes so that means over 440 kids year 5-6.

Please keep praying for the last few days of our mission.

Thank you for praying.

Much love